We are kids of a very important long rooted civilization

It doesn’t really matter at this awful time of pandemic during a real mess of vaccinations and the destruction of markets within an unbelievable panic of virus to point out anything and nobody

We would have been really quiet and conscientious if we could see a similar inspired attitude adopted by the State.

To be in solidarity with our patience.

Since last October that we started our fight for copyright and all kind of intellectual rights till that moment with so many artists complaints no need to underline the complete chaos in all kind of art in music in dance in visual art

The positions and the role of the Ministry of the Minister her self and the chief of her press office are at least flawed

Not even a sign of serious management not even a simple sign of solidarity and understanding for the artists

It is thus obvious that behind all this there is a main target to resale all kind of cultural potential of the country

According my judgement all this is not the political will of only one single state but an unacceptable common stand of a given cruel economic policy in all planet at an obvious target to destroy all art,culture and all monuments

All kind of traditional cultural entities

One can clearly understand that if this is the case the fact of the huge panic and insecurity caused by pandemic looks like a true nightmare

We should and must resist against this awful situation

All peoples of Europe should raise up to defend their histories and identities

It’s crazily dangerous to sell our own lives and all our future

It will be,in the worst of cases,a true submission and slavery

Equal to a definitely lost passport for each one of us

We need to fight against it

At the same context I need to express another fear

I strongly doubt that this duty doesn’t belong to the States

We still have time to resist against the collapse caused by the over debt of the South of Mediterranean

We should go on fighting

That’s the best proof to put a definite stop to all form of humiliation


Stamatis Kraounakis


Athens Greece