Registration in EDEM

How to register

Registration in EDEM is free and provides full protection of the represented music repertoire through an organized system of control, licensing, collection and performance of intellectual copyrights in Greece and abroad. The transfer of members from  EYED to EDEM is not automatic. To become  a member of EDEM, it is necessary to re-sign a membership contract with the new Collective Management body.

The creator / rightsholder, by signing his/her contract with EDEM, assigns and transfers to it exclusively the powers, which s/he chooses and arise from the property right s/he has in the works s/he has already composed / written as well as in the works s/he is going to compose / co-write in the future, in order for the latter to protect, represent and manage them according to his/her mandate. This applies both in Greece and in foreign countries, where EDEM is affiliated with respective Collective Management Organizations through representation agreements. With the signing of the contract and the signed declaration of his/her works, the creator / rightsholder is registered in the electronic file of members of EDEM.


Note: The terms and conditions of cooperation with EDEM are the same for all creators / rightsholders.


You can send us the completed Registration Application below in the following ways:

Electronically at

By mail at: 7 Papadiamantopoulou, Athens 115 28