Rightholders’ Cooperative EDEM Expands its Agreement with YouTube Beyond Greek Borders



Rightholders’ Cooperative EDEM Expands its Agreement with YouTube Beyond Greek Borders

Significant Benefits for Creators Entrusting EDEM for Their Rights from Digital Platforms

Athens, June 20, 2023 – Rightholders’ Cooperative EDEM is proud to announce the multi-territorial expansion of its partnership with the most popular streaming platform, YouTube. This agreement holds great significance for music creators, as it ensures the fair compensation for the use of their works in various countries, especially in those countries where Greek repertoire is widely used.

This development is expected to bring substantial benefits to creators who entrust EDEM with the collection of their rights from digital platforms. The multi-territorial licensing, a privilege of Collective Management Organizations, entails the avoidance of intermediaries and, consequently, maximizes revenues from digital uses on YouTube for all rightsholders who have assigned the collection of digital rights to EDEM.

Commenting on the agreement, Ms. Louka Katseli, CEO of EDEM, stated, “The multi-territorial expansion of our agreement with YouTube is a significant success for EDEM and clearly reflects our vision and mission. At EDEM, our commitment is to support music creation and creators with expertise, transparency, and accountability – and this is precisely what this expansion enables. We believe that this collaboration substantially contributes to even more effective management of our members’ intellectual property rights and ensures fair remuneration for the use of their works, while also fortifying our vision of being a strong intellectual property rights management organization in Greece.”

Remaining faithful to its commitment to the effective management of music creators’ rights, based on best international practices, EDEM looks towards the future, seeking more similar agreements with other digital platforms for the benefit of creators and music creation.