Greek Rightsholder’s Association EDEM announces agreement with Athens- Epidaurus Festival to ensure music creator’s rights

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Greek Rightsholder’s Association EDEM announces agreement with Athens- Epidaurus Festival to ensure music creator’s rights

An important agreement for the intellectual creators of musical works was signed on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, between the Hellenic Festival S.A. and Rightsholders’ Cooperative – EDEM.

The agreement concerns the licensing of the musical works represented by EDEM in the numerous concerts, theatrical performances and music and dance events organized every year in the framework of the Athens- Epidaurus Festival.

The meeting, held at the offices of EDEM, was attended by Hellenic Festival S.A. Mr. Dimitris Passas, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Ioannis Kaplanis, General Manager. From EDEM’s side present were Mr. Christos Nikolopoulos, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ms. Lina Nikolakopoulou, Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Paraskevas Karasoulos, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mr. Athanasios Fourgiotis, Treasurer of the Board of Directors as well as Ms. Louka Katseli, General Manager, Mr. Spyros Sorvatziotis, Legal Advisor and Mr. Kostas Makris, Director of Commercial Development.

On behalf of the creators, Ms. Lina Nikolakopoulou expressed the satisfaction of her colleagues for reaching this agreement, after many months of negotiations, given the fact that it recognizes in practice the right of the creators to be remunerated for the use of their works.

EDEM’s General Director Ms. Louka Katseli, noting that music is a valuable and well-recognized cultural asset for Greece, pointed out that EDEM works closely   and effectively with businesses and institutions, offering them the possibility of exploiting its rich repertoire for the benefit of both users and creators. 

On behalf of the Hellenic Festival S.A., Mr. Dimitris Passas, Chairman of the Board stated: “By concluding this contract with a Collective Management Organization of intellectual rights such as EDEM, the Athens- Epidaurus Festival, which serves our important cultural heritage as well as contemporary artistic production, contributes to the protection and promotion of domestic artistic production and the recognition of the contribution of musical creators”.

Mr. Ioannis Kaplanis. General Director of Hellenic Festival S.A pointed out for his part: “Through this agreement, the Athens Epidaurus Festival practically validates its support to the Union of Licensed Works of Music – EDEM with the aim of jointly defending the copyrights of the creators, who are generators of modern Greek culture thus strengthening the invaluable intangible cultural capital of the country, an important driver of development.”

The Athens Epidaurus Festival, being the largest cultural organization of the country and one of the oldest Festivals in Europe, has been for many years a key contributor of tourism development in Greece, and a principal promoter of Greek culture internationally.

EDEM, as part of a wider ecosystem of cultural organizations, promotes the development of Greek musical culture, empowering creators, and inspiring future generations to continue creating. The signed agreement for the licensing of the musical works between the two Organizations is beneficial to both contracting parts and enhances public awareness of the value of   copyright protection. The representatives of the two organizations underlined the growing public attendance of the music and theater performances organized by the Athens- Epidaurus Festival under the artistic direction of Ms. Katerina Evangelatos, which, according to recent estimates, is expected to rise further this year contributing to the cultural and economic development of the country.