An impressive debut for EDEM after its first sixty days of operation!

An impressive debut for EDEM after its first sixty days of operation!


An impressive debut for EDEM after its first sixty days of operation!

EDEM paves the way for a new era in intellectual copyrights and collective management, with creativity, speed and accountability.


An increasing number of  creators, rightsholders and publishers, trust their work to the “Union of Rightsholders EDEM”. From the first days of its operation, EDEM has attracted most of the Greek music repertoire as well as  oreign music works by international and   Greek music authors. So far  EDEM’s database  hosts about 2,000,000  Greek songs , a number that is constantly growing at a rapid pace.

Distribution of Rights

Following  the completion of migration  of  EYED’s data to EDEM , payments to rightsholders against  the last distribution made by  EYED to its beneficiaries ,is scheduled to be undertaken by EDEM  until the end of September.

The first distribution of rights by EDEM will take place in January 2021.

Documentation System

The process of documentation, important for the licensing of musical uses and  for a fair and correct distribution of rights, is being carried out by EDEM with the help of new and technologically advanced tools which are fully compatible with international standards.

Public Performances

The experienced and specially trained network of staff and local associates of EDEM  have started, under  difficult market conditions ,licensing  users  and collecting royalties for the use of  the Greek and foreign music repertoire represented by EDEM .

Licensing of television broadcasters  of musical works

Negotiations with  representatives of  private television broadcasters are underway for the conclusion of  licensing agreements between EDEM and individual channels that would expedite the collection of rights from  television broadcasting .


In a few days, EDEM will inaugurate the three-storey offices, which will be its new headquarters at 7 Papadiamantopoulou Street, in a building across the Theater Ilisia and next to the metro station, at the Megaro Moussikis station.

Rightsholders, creators and authors, who are interested in becoming members of EDEM, can contact the relevant members’ department.


T: +302103644260